"Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself" Rumi

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Mindful Teaching

Mindfulness Workshops for Educators

I offer mindfulness workshops for education settings and teach a range of skills which can be applied in the classroom by teaching staff.  


Thirty years of informed basic research and, more recently, neuroscience, offer compelling evidence to support the use of employing mindfulness practices in education. The application of mindfulness by students and teachers has the potential to improve academic achievement, mental health, and positive relationships.

Scientific studies show that mindfulness training develops concentration, attention, executive function, (planning, decision making, and impulse control), emotional balance, pro-social behaviour, compassion and promotes mental well-being. 

If you might be interested in booking a one-off CPD session or would like to organise regular sessions in your school, please contact me to find out more. 

Yoga for Schools

Yoga for Young People and Teachers


Increasing numbers of schools and teachers are recognising that yoga, breath awareness and mindfulness activities are beneficial to their students' (and their own!) mental health and well-being, and to the learning environment in general. 

As yoga offers a non-competitive alternative to sports that supports PE and health standards, it's also becoming part of many physical and health education curricula and after school enrichment offerings.


Not only does yoga address the stresses and anxieties that teachers and students alike experience, but it also provides a gentle, focused and non-threatening method to increase physical fitness, enhance well-being and generate better emotional resilience. 

If you think you or your school would benefit from yoga, I offer taster classes as well as one-off and regular sessions. Just drop me a message to find out how I can tailor yoga for you.