"Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself" Rumi

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Farnham, Surrey and Didcot, Oxfordshire         Contact: hollyjyoga@gmail.com         Copyright 2018 by yogabyholly

Teaching Experience

Well teaching is definitely my vocation!

I hold a BSc in Social Sciences (Psychology) and have been teaching A Level Psychology and Sociology full-time for over 11 years. 


Along with my 200 hour RYT with Alchemy of Yoga I have also completed a 60 hour accreditation to teach yoga and mindfulness to teens with Teen Yoga, founded by Charlotte Martinus and recognised by Yoga Alliance. I am also currently in the full swings of completing my Reiki training, having recently completed the First Degree with Susan-Emma recognised by the Surrey School of Reiki.

I have been teaching hatha and vinyasa yoga part-time since i qualified at the end of August 2017 and I have also been running a really successful and fun yoga class for the teaching staff at my current school as well as yoga and mindfulness workshops for my A Level students. I have felt a tremendous sense of fulfilment in my teachings so this summer I took the brave but exciting decision to start living my dharma more purposefully! I am now taking a step back from teaching so that I can dedicate myself to helping and educating others in a more physical and spiritual way.

My Yoga Journey

Having suffered a knee injury in 2011 which left me unable to walk without pain for over a year, I stumbled across yoga as one final attempt after several failed medical routes. Within a few weeks of attending classes I was no longer limping and free from pain. 


After many months of attending yoga classes for the physically healing benefits, I began to find myself coping better with stress, feeling calmer and more balanced and living my life more authentically.


But the biggest draw to yoga for me, not least because of my huge amounts of interest and experience in the psychology of behaviour, became the deep rooted spiritual essence of yoga and it is this that has led me to experiencing a transformation in body, mind and spirit. 

Yoga & You

Yoga presents itself in such a huge variety of disciplines, each offering its own physical and spiritual practices which attract every one of us in different ways. And just like us, each class is as unique as the next. 


But in order to begin the journey of self-discovery we first need the ingredients necessary to experiment with, to find what works for us and what doesn't. And so, I choose to teach with a holistic goal in mind, incorporating visualisation meditation, pranayama techniques, asanas of varying styles and intensity and an education of the meaning and benefits of each practise. The foundations of my yoga are that of the archetypal and energetic maps of the body: the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space and the Chakra system. It is through tapping into and gaining insight into this embodied energetic map that we may be able to discover more about ourselves.


The space I hold is one that guides unique experimentation and self-inquiry on the mat; a sensitive and authentic offering that creates balance and peace and supports healing and transformation so that you may live wholeheartedly off the mat.